Access to Information

The Promotion of Access to Information Act is intended to make available information publically accessible that would otherwise not necessarily be published by that public body. Since the College of Cape Town is a state-owned organisation we have published a manual in terms of that Act, which can be downloaded from this page. We are also making the form available, to spare bona fide interested parties the difficulty of having to track it down elsewhere.


Requests for information are not free and charges will be made in accordance with the amount of effort and expense required to make it available. Standard tariffs, as Gazetted from time to time, are applicable. It is not to be assumed automatically that requested information will be made available and requests for personal or private information about students and/or staff, or matters regarded as trade secrets of the College or its partner organisations will, for instance, be declined.


LE-003A-CCT Access to Information manual

Request for Access to Record of a Public Body – FormĀ