Linkages and Programmes Unit

The Linkages and Programmes Unit (LPU) helps to establish programmes, including learnerships, and maintains links with external groups like SETAs, and employers.


Areas of focus are:
Learnerships delivery
Skills Programmes
Short Courses
Trade Testing
Level Testing


Learnerships and Skills Programmes

The College has offered various learnerships and accredited programmes for the following SETA’s: MQA, Services SETA, W&R Seta, FIETA, merSETA, ISETA, THETA, FOODBEV SETA, CHIETA, ETDP Seta and others at accredited campuses. Various skills programmes have also been offered to provincial departments. Partnerships include partners such as UNISA, Kgabane Trust, Youth Foundation Fund, etc.

For an update on current and past projects and learnerships, please contact the LPU at tel 021 404 6756.