This Norwegian programme, which they use at their College called MOT (pronounced “moot”in English), meaning courage (“moet”in Afrikaans).


MOT is essentially a school programme aiming to reduce harassment, violence and drug abuse amongst young people, but is also there to encourage and improve quality of life.


There are three major themes that MOT promotes and talks about, namely.

  • To have courage to live
  • To have courage to care for others, and
  • To have courage to say no

Today, MOT is also used to enhance the basic quality of life and to qualitatively improve communication, culture, social climate, leadership and crisis management in diverse environments.


With such positive attitudes towards life, the College of Cape Town believes that one can regain new hope for our youth in SA.


Through our co-operation agreement with the Haugaland College in Norway, they agreed to support and help make the College of Cape Town the flagship in starting and engaging into the MOT programme in the Western Cape.


The MOT programme offers three contact sessions with students per year over a period of three years.  Currently there are skilled MOT presenters at various campuses of the College of Cape Town.


For more information on the MOT programme, contact your nearest Student Support Service officer.