Academic Development & Support

Students at the College may access a variety of support services to assist them with coping with a range of problems and difficulties, whether personal or academic. These services are provided free of charge.


Academic development

  • Improving academic performance
  • Assistance with study methods, exam preparation and time management
  • Services for disabled or special needs students

Academic Support: Helping students realise their full potential

  • We provide each learner the opportunity to realize his or her individual potential by creating a secure environment for effective learning. Our aim is to foster a positive attitude towards learning by providing the necessary support to develop self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • As part of our assessment procedure, Comprehension, Reading and Spelling tests are administered as required, in order to establish a baseline and measure progress. Test results are also used to inform planning and to help develop appropriate individual teaching programmes. We offer a range of services in response to need, including small group and individual teaching. We work closely with subject staff to ensure continuity within the curriculum. Services offered include: Academic and psychological testing, assessment of student learning styles, current knowledge and skills.

What extra help is available in exams?

  • Pupils who have been assessed by an Educational Psychologist or a Specialist teacher may be entitled to additional support in exams, for example a Reader, a Writer, Extra Time or be permitted to use a word processor.