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Work Readiness and Mock Interview Workshops

On the 11th and 14th August we completed the Work Readiness Workshop for the first batch of N6, Business management students of Ms. Pearl Jantjies. The workshop took place over two days; Tuesday11 and Friday, 14 August. The 1st Workshop focused on writing the CV, cover letter and interview skills. This was y exceptionally organised by Ms. Jantjies with soup, and snacks as well gifts for the students.

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The Art and Design N6 students doing Graphic Processes as a subject did a screen printing ICASS project with the concept: My Travel Journal- Route to and from College. Personal stories bring a narrative element into design, a description of events, feelings and thoughts which link people over a period in time.

To bring some excitement and embracing our cultural diversity, the Thornton Campus Student Representative Council (SRC) hosted a Heritage Day Event. They distributed mini pre-packed traditional cuisines inspired by the different cultures of staff and students to enjoy and learn new flavours together!  This fun-filled event took place on the 23rd of September 2020.

On Monday, 31 August 2020, the last day of Women's Month, Ms. Karena Bowman from Higher Health hosted a Ladies Event at the Thornton campus hall in conjunction with the PLP Department. The event was attended by female staff members together with the PLP students.

In a bid to address the skills crisis of technicians across the automotive sector, 2019 saw the first intake of apprentices by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) at two Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges across South Africa. Tilly Reddy, Vice Principal: Academic from The College of Cape Town says as Centres of Specialisation the Colleges play a vital role in tackling youth unemployment and addressing the skills deficit that currently exists in the industry.

Bringing opportunities to an impoverished community and hope to a new generation.

2020; a year of so much promise and opportunity, not just a new year but also a start to a new decade, "twenty-plenty" some would say. In hindsight, we were so naively unaware and blissfully ignorant of what this new year would have in store for us.

Marsha Solomon, the former Program Manager of Hospitality and Catering at the College of Cape Town formed part of the Trade Test Work Group (TWG) in 2015 who developed the first Trade Test for the Chef industry in South Africa. She worked alongside 8 other members from industry and private culinary schools to realise this dream for many Chefs in South Africa whose culinary skills were previously not recognized as an official trade.