Tuesday, 02 February 2021 08:02

Our level 2 students Guguletu Campus (Gugs), were cheered up by MOT Facilitators; Ms. Plaatjie, Ms. Bobo, Ms. Ruiters, Ms. Yaso, Mr. P Dickens and Mr. Gum with exciting, amazing and courageous MOT sessions. These sessions are actively motivational and inspiring, they add value to students empowerment; by equipping and enhancing students positive behavior, ethical conduct, self awareness, leadership, resilience, academics, social cohesion and community role modelling. These MOT (Show Courage) session will be continuing for the Gugs campus NCV students and any NCV registered student at the campus is welcomed to join the session and speak to one of the MOT facilitators for the next MOT sessions. "Be The Best Version of Yourself".