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GOVERNANCE - College Council Members

As mandated by the Continuing Education and Training Act 16 of 2006, the Council of a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College is responsible for performing all governance functions. The College of Cape Town TVET College Council consists of the following external and internal stakeholders:

Mrs Alice Ayanda Kayakazi King (nee’ Songca)


(021) 404 6700

Mrs Alice Ayanda Kayakazi King (nee’ Songca) is the Chairperson of Council for the College of Cape Town for TVET. She holds a Doctoral Degree in Education Management, BA Honours Degree in Languages and a BA Degree in Education, Mathematics and Languages obtained from the University of South Africa.

She also holds a Master of Philosophy – Second Language Studies, Master of Education – Educational Management, amongst other academic qualification(s) is a Secondary Teachers Diploma – Mathematics and Physics, an Advanced Certificate in Mathematics Education, Medical Office Assistant and a course in Project Management, obtained from various institutions including Stellenbosch University and the University of Transkei.

Mrs King started her professional career as early as 1988 when she worked for the Eastern Cape Department of Education as a Mathematics and Science Teacher until 1997. In 2000 she joined the Gauteng Department of Education as a Lecturer for Mathematics and Languages, she then worked as a Mathematics Teacher/Admin Intern for the St Louis Public Schools in Missouri United States of America. She has since worked and served in many prominent positions in the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK) and South Africa which include: Head of Department: Mathematics for the Western Cape Education Department, Mathematics Teacher and Administrator for the Buckinghamshire County Council (UK); Stafford County Public Schools (USA), Norfolk Public Schools (USA), Independent Institute of Education (Rosebank College); Academic Manager: Damelin Education Group, Part-Time Teaching Assistant, Supervisor of Teaching Practice and Trainer of Mentor Teachers: University of South Africa and is currently the Education Advisor/Outreach Specialist (Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape): United States of America Consulate General.

She was entrusted with numerous certifications/licenses namely: South African Council of Educators, School Administrators of Virginia

Endorsement: Administration/K-12 Supervision/High School Mathematics; Got awards for Cultural Ambassador and Local Advisor of the year, Virginia Teachers’ License: Renewal in June 2015: Postgraduate Professional – Endorsed for Secondary School Mathematics, Member/Affiliation with National Curriculum of Teachers of Mathematics: California Conference, the U.S.A. on 21/04/2010, Author of a couple of books and international Educator and Ordained Pastor: Certification through Open Bible Institute and Theological Seminary, South Carolina, U.S.A.

Mrs King has also published books and made oral presentations of her conference papers in several conferences.


(i) Dreams and Meditations – English and Xhosa Version Available - Book to be translated in all South African Languages (Career Guidance);

(ii) Kiki Maths Books – Grades 1-4 (Bard Publishers, South Africa);

(iii) Nursery Rhymes – Grades R-3 (Bard Publishers, South Africa);

(iv) African Languages Study Guide for Educators – (Azaliah College of Education); and

(v) What matters truly matters!  - Unpublished material written by Alice King.

Mr Mtutuzeli Innocent Buwa


(021) 404 6700

Mr Mtutuzeli Innocent Buwa is a Council Member of the College of Cape Town for TVET. He holds a National Diploma in Internal Audit obtained from the Eastern Cape Technikon now known as Walter Sisulu University, amongst other academic qualifications he has obtained the following with various institutions including the University of Pretoria: Leadership Development for Middle Managers, Advanced Risk Management Strategies, Strategic Planning and Project Management.

Mr Buwa started his professional career in 2001 when he worked for the Department of Minerals and Energy as an Internal Auditor, until 2002. In 2002 he worked for Old Mutual Personal Financial Advice until 2003 and in many other positions for various organisation/institutions and government, including Assistant Director Internal Audit – Department of Minerals and Energy, Acting: National Coordinator Compliance Monitoring – Film & Publication Board (FPB), Internal Audit Specialist (Chief Audit Executive) – Film & Publication Board (FPB), Audit Manager (Consultant) – OMA Chartered Accountants, Specialist: Internal Audit - Land Bank of South Africa, Operational Risk Manager – Land and Agricultural Bank of SA, Director: Risk Solve South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Risk Specialist: Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC), Chief Risk Advisor (Western Cape Government serving Provincial Treasury and the Premier’s Office), Director and CEO: Ndalo Risk Management (Pty) Ltd, and Independent Chairperson of the Risk Management Committee at Department of Labour, Western Cape (South Africa).

Mr Buwa holds professional membership in the following Institutions; Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa, Institute of Risk Management South Africa, The Ethics Institute, and Institute of Directors SA, with the following professional designation: CCSA Certificate and is a candidate CRM Prof. with the Institute of Risk Management, South Africa (IRMSA).

Whilst building and mustering career accolades he was honoured with prestigious awards and recognition, namely, Team of the Year: SAP Core Banking Implementation (2010) – Land Bank and Rising Star of the Year Award (2004): Minister of the Department of Minerals and Energy.

Mr Howard Glynn Smith


(021) 404 6700

Mr Howard Glynn Smith is a Council Member of the College of Cape Town for TVET. He holds a BA Degree and Diploma in Architecture obtained from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, amongst other academic qualification(s) is a Post-Graduate Diploma in Planning and an MPhil in HIV/AIDS.

Mr Smith started his professional career as early as 1976 when he became the Sabbatical President of the Architectural Association Students Union. He has worked and served in many prominent positions, including Occasional editing for NGO Southern Africa Liaison Office on a commission by commission basis, Project Coordinator: University of Cape Town’s Properties & Services Department, Deputy Director, Planning Unit: University of Cape Town’s Properties Department, Programme Manager: PLAN ACT [Development NGO] in Johannesburg, Senior Architect-Planner: London Borough of Hillingdon in the United Kingdom, Conservation Architect: Warwick District Council in the United Kingdom and Conservation Planner: West Lancashire District Council in the United Kingdom.

Mr Smith has completed several professional courses, namely: Building Conservation (SAAS, York University), Management in Local Government (Stoke Polytechnic), Quality Assurance (British Standards Institute), Seminar on policy in ‘new’ S Africa 1994 - Historic Buildings Commission, ZOPP System of Project Management - Urban Sector Network, In-service: Transformation & Management Systems Review (University of Cape Town) and the Strategic Planning Seminars at National and College level and King Training as Member of College of Cape Town Council.

Mr Anton Berkovitz


(021) 404 6700

Mr Anton Berkovitz is a Council Member of the College of Cape Town for TVET. He holds a Bachelor of Business Science (Finance) Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma obtained from the University of Cape Town amongst other academic qualification(s), he became a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

Mr Berkovitz started his professional career as early as 1986 when he worked for Kessel Feinstein (now Grant Thornton) as an Articled Clerk, in terms of the requirements to become a Charted Accounted until 1988. In 1989 he worked for Metropolitan until 2008 in many prominent positions, including Head of Operations, Head of Investment Services and Head of Business Strategy.

He was entrusted with Executive responsibility at times for the following Committees and Sub-Committees: Board of Directors (Member), Executive, Compliance (Chairman for several years) and retained the membership until the Momentum merger, Investment Risk (first Chairman), Corporate Social Investment (first Chairman), IMASA (Investment Managers Association), IMASA T&O, IT system User Groups and Accounting.

Whilst building and mustering career accolades he developed a passion for education, upliftment and mentoring as can be seen from the more recent projects (TSiBA lecturing and the SAICA DHET project), and as a result became involved in several educational community service activities, namely:

Chairman of the Durbanville Schools Foundation

This is a charitable organisation looking after underprivileged schools in the greater Durbanville area of the Western Cape, covering an area that reaches the Malmesbury, Paarl, and Stellenbosch districts. It has a particular focus on farm primary schools.

The Foundation assists in the provision of infrastructure, additional teachers, educational programs and bursaries, as well as general guidance to the schools. He introduced the measurable objective of increasing the number of children who matriculate after attending a primary school within the Foundation.

Chairman of the Isilimela Empowerment Education Foundation

This is a recently formed charitable organisation looking after underprivileged schools in Southern Africa. It is similar to the DSF but has a broader geographical reach, and has an offshore feeder fund.

Rag Committee

Member of the committee for two years while at UCT. This is the students’ charitable organisation that funds SHAWCO (Student Health and Welfare Organisation) that looks after the underprivileged in Cape Town and is one of the biggest fundraising organisations in the city.

College of Cape Town Foundation

One of the founders in the process of setting up this Foundation to assist the College and its students

Ms Nqwenelwa Ncede


(021) 404 6700

Ms Nqwenelwa Ncede is a Council Member of the College of Cape Town for TVET. She holds a Master of Technology in Business Administration, a B-Tech Degree in Business Administration and a National Diploma in Office Management & Technology, amongst other academic qualification(s) she has obtained the following with various institutions including a Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation in the Public Sector from the University of Stellenbosch, Strategic Management V, Project Management V, Entrepreneurship V, Organisational Dynamics V and Research Methodology V.

Ms Ncede started her professional career in 2006, has held many positions for various organisations/institutions and government, including Assistant Director: Business Planning and Strategy, Assistant Director: Budget Planning and Monitoring. She is currently employed by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) as the Manager: Strategic Planning and Performance Monitoring.

Ms Ncede has held the following various Governance roles namely: Bid Specification Committee Member (Western Cape Education Department: Sept 2017 - Feb 2019), Employee Health & Wellness Advisory Committee member at the Western Cape Education Department (October 2014 - 2017), Secretary of the Council - Council member for Holy Redeemer Anglican Church at the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town (January 2016 - January 2018), Lay Minister: Holy Redeemer Anglican Church: Sea Point (licensed on 22 May 2016), Served at the Head Office Training Committee of the Western Cape Education Department (January 2013 to 31 January 2018) and Served in the Employment Equity forum of the Western Cape Education Department (January 2013 to 31 January 2018).

Her key achievements include the publishing of Accredited Academic Publishing (Book Title: Ncede N., (2015) “Factors of Employee Turnover Intention in the Clothing Industry; A case of a selected textile and clothing company in Cape Town, South Africa” Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany (ISBN 978-3-659-74607-9)) and Journals (Twum-Darko, M., Ncede, N., (2016). “The impact of confidant relationship on job involvement in an organisation: The case of a clothing and textile company in South Africa,” International Journal of Science Social Studies Humanities and Management, Vol. 2, No., 2,, amongst others.

Ms Bronwin Gale Abrahams


(021) 404 6700

Ms Bronwin Gale Abrahams is a Council Member of the College of Cape Town for TVET. She holds a Bcom Honours Degree and Advanced Diploma in Management obtained from the University of the Western Cape, amongst other academic qualification(s) is an ODETP Practitioner Learnership Level 5 and Quality Management Systems, Project Management and RPL Advisor obtained from Competency International, as well as a Diploma in Public Management from Regenesys.

Mrs Abrahams started her professional career as early as 1997 when she worked for M.E.I.E.T.B as an Administrator until 2000. In the same year (2000) up-to-date (currently) she joined the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Education and Training Authority (merSETA), she has served in many prominent positions, including Skills Development Administrator, Client Liaison Co-ordinator and Officer and is now the Client Relations Manager.

She serves in several Strategic Committees namely: Chairperson of SETA Cluster (representing Regional SETA), merSETA Regional Committee and TVET College Principals, Represents SETAs on the Premiers Apprenticeship Game Changer Committee, Chairperson of Steering Committee for Projects between the Office/Department of the Premier (Western Cape) and merSETA, Technical Advisory Forum for Oil and Gas as part of the Game Changer and South African Renewable Energy TEC Advisory Board.

Dr Errol Francke


(021) 404 6700

Dr Errol Francke is a Council Member of the College of Cape Town for TVET. He holds a Doctoral Degree focusing on the field of Disruptive Innovation in Small Businesses.  Is the recipient of the Nelson Mandela Scholarship to study for a Masters in Information Management and Systems at Monash University, Melbourne Australia. He also holds a DTech “A strategy model for enhanced commercialization of Mobile Applications Development through Business Model Innovation in the Western Cape of South Africa of Business Science obtained from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, amongst other academic qualification(s) is a Master’s Degree in Information Management and Systems, BTech in Business Administration, Diploma in Human Resources and National Diploma in Education obtained from various institutions including Monash University.

Dr Francke started his professional career as early as 1991 when he worked as a Teacher for Fairview Primary School. In 1996 he worked for the Cape Peninsula University of Technology until 2011 in many prominent positions, including Business Faculty Consultant – Engineering Sector and Faculty of Informatics and Design.

He has served in several Professional and Community Engagement Bodies and establishments, such as the AHSAA: General Secretary and Montagu Springs Homeowners Association: Chairperson.

Prof Brain de Lacy Figaji


(021) 404 6700

Professor Brain de Lacy Figaji is a Council Member of the College of Cape Town for TVET. He holds a Doctorate in Education (Honoris Causa) and a Doctorate in Humane Letters obtained from the Coventry University and California State University, Hayward respectively. Is the recipient of a Master of Education in Administration, Planning and Social Policy obtained from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He also holds a Diploma in Tertiary Education, Graduate Diploma in Engineering, B.Sc. in Engineering with Honours, and a Bachelor of Science all obtained from various institutions including the University of Cape Town.

Professor de Lacy Figaji started his professional career as early as 1966 when he worked for Alexander Sinton High School as a Teacher. In 1969 he worked for Clifford Harris as a Civil Engineer until 1973. In 1980 he joined the Peninsula Technikon were he worked in many prominent positions, including Head of Engineering, Vice-Rector (Technology), Senior Vice-Rector, Vice-Chancellor (President) and Director of Companies.

He was entrusted with International and National Executive responsibility at times for the following institutions and organisations in Committees and Sub-Committees: Engineering Council of South Africa (Vice President and Member), TELP Advisory Panel USAID funded Tertiary Education Linkage Program (Member), Nomination Committee for National Orders, Executive Committee of the National Scout Council (Member), Committee of Technikon Principals (Chairperson), Council on Higher Education (Member), Nedbank Remuneration Committee (Director and Chairperson), Executive Board Member of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), National Commission for UNESCO (Chairperson), Council of the National Institute for Higher Education in the Northern Cape (Chairperson), and Trustee of the National Education Collaborative Trust (NECT).

Whilst building and mustering career accolades he developed a passion for education, upliftment and mentoring as can be seen from the more recent and past projects, as well as fellowships, namely:

  • 1993 Fellow of the Society for Professional Engineers
  • 1994 Fellow of the SA Institution of Civil Engineers
  • 1997 Fellow of the Academy of Engineering
  • 2001 Member, Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)
  • Member of US-SA Binational Commission meeting in Washington, USA as part of the South African higher education delegation.
  • Served as one of thirteen members on the Council on Higher Education Size & Shape Task Team, which was commissioned by the Minister of Education to provide him with a set of concrete proposals on the shape and size of the South African Higher Education System. (January to June 2000).
  • Participated in the National Education Policy Investigation (NEPI), a project of the National Education Co-ordinating Committee (NECC) conducted between December 1990 and August 1992. NEPI was tasked with developing education policy in anticipation of the birth of a democratic South Africa.
  • Served as one of thirteen commissioners who between 1995 and 1996 produced a landmark document entitled the National Commission on Higher Education: A Framework for Transformation. The Commission was appointed by President Mandela to propose a new framework for higher education in a democratic South Africa.
  • Member of the technikon task force leading the curriculum changes to all the engineering programmes at technikons. • Shared expertise in areas of educational access and global education with officials in Hungary, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, People’s Republic of China, India, Africa and the United States of America.


Mr Luvuyo Mkangelwa


(021) 404 6700

Mr Luvuyo Mkangelwa is a Council Member of the College of Cape Town for TVET. He holds a B-Tech Degree and National Diploma in Human Resources Management obtained from the Cape Technikon, amongst other academic qualification(s) is a Post Graduate Certificate in Diversity Management and Management Advancement Programme from the University of Witwatersrand, as well as an Associate in Management from the University of Cape Town.

Mr Mkangelwa started his professional career as early as 1998 when he became a Home Loans Administrator for Nedcor Bank Home loans (Nedbank). He has worked and served many years in prominent positions, including Employee Benefits Consultant and Human Resources Consultant for Nedcor Bank; Western Cape Regional Manager for the Black Management Forum; Managing Director for Miombo Capital (PTY) Ltd t/a Sakhikamva Investments, LearnSys (Pty) Ltd t/a Prior Learning Centre and Avuma Work Skills and Enterprise Performance Services (Pty) Ltd; National Strategic Consultant and General Manager for PMI-SA (Pty) Ltd a subsidiary of Adcorp Holdings; to name a few, and is currently the Deputy Director: Skills Incentives at the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT).

Mr Mkangelwa has completed a variety of other courses, namely: Deloitte & Touché accredited 2-day course in Corporate Governance, Introduction into Coaching - UCT Graduate School of Business Centre for Coaching, US IVP - Small Business Development International Visitor Program (2006), Fundraising for NPOs and 2-day EmpowerDex Certified B-BBEE Practitioner course.

Dr Manager M. Muswaba (FCIS)


(021) 404 6700

Dr Manager Mhangarai Muswaba, is the Principal and CEO of the College of Cape Town for TVET. He  is a seasoned senior executive with expertise and proven experience in Corporate Secretaryship, Corporate Governance, Finance, Administration, Human Resources Transformation, Management of Educational and Public institutions and non-governmental organisations. A multi-skilled cadre with extensive experience in Higher Education institutional management, strategic planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, human resource management and development. Dr Muswaba has qualifications, vast experience and a track record in the preparation, implementation and management of strategic, operational and financial plans and projects.  A fellow of the Institute of Secretaries and Administrators, Dr Muswaba is an efficient and competent senior administrator with an ability to ensure that companies and government departments comply and operate in accordance with statutory and legal provisions. He has over ten years of experience of institutional administration both in private and government. Well-presented and highly personable, with knowledge of the development of corporate regulatory and public sector regulations. Excellent organisational skills, highly efficient and methodical with a good eye for detail.

Dr Muswaba has worked in government education departments for several years holding middle to senior management positions.  He joined the Department of Higher Education and Training of South Africa as Head of Administration at Ekurhuleni East TVET during the time that Colleges were still under provincial administration where he served for over five years. As a loyal cadre of the public sector, Dr Muswaba moved to the national Department of Higher Education and Training head where he was appointed as Deputy Director: University Planning and Support where he served for a brief stint after which he was re-deployed to Ekurhuleni East TVET College as the Deputy Principal Corporate Services to continue turning around the Corporate Services Division of the College.

Academically, Dr Muswaba is a holder of a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Tshwane University of Technology. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from Zimbabwe Open University and a Masters in Labour Law from the University of the Western Cape. Dr Muswaba is A fellow of the Institute of Secretaries and Administrators having had acquired a Professional Post-Graduate Qualification: Company Secretarial and Governance Practice with Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators International. He further holds several undergraduate and honours degrees and diplomas in the fields of Education, Human Resources, Administration and Theology.    

As an academia, Dr Muswaba has supervised postgraduate studies at both master’s level and presented at various national and international conferences, PhD symposiums, seminars and workshops.  Dr Muswaba serves on several technical committees as an editorial board member and peer reviewer for journals among them, the African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development (AJSTID) and Journal for Creativity, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (JCISE). He has published in several international peer-reviewed journals and conferences and his current and future research plans revolve around organisational transformation in the TVET sector.  


Ms Tilly Reddy


(021) 404 6700

Ms Tilly Reddy is currently Deputy Principal: Academics at the College of Cape Town. She has over 13 years’ experience at the College; including positions as Lecturer; Programme Manager and Academic Manager.  She has 13 years’ experience in the Corporate Sector, most of which have been in Financial Advisory Services.  Tilly holds a National Professional Diploma in Education (NPDE); Certificate in Management Studies; National and International Diplomas in Health and Skin Care and a Certificate in Hairdressing. She is currently completing her MBA.


Mr Achmat Gafieldien


(021) 404 6700

Mr Achmat Gafieldien has a Passion for Education and Development has been my driving force for the past 28 years, what I do has never been a job, but truly my first love.  Has been fortunate to have had exposure at both High Schools and the College TVET sector where he learnt from all that he came into contact with. He has taught various business-related subjects and managed various programmes including being a Programme Manager, an Academic Manager as well as having the opportunity to manage the Guguletu Campus. One of his many varied roles at the College of Cape Town was being the Marking Centre Manager, which was often stressful but taught me several valuable lessons when communicating with a variety of senior staff across several colleges.

For the past four years, he has been the Vice Principal -  Innovation and Development which has allowed him to oversee a group of amazing people who manage a variety of units including support management as well as marketing and linking the college to the world.

His greatest drive has been to ensure the development of young active income-generating citizens who can articulate our countries aspiration of success for all.

He holds a Bachelor of Education Management Degree from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, a Higher Diploma in Education from the University of Cape Town, a Leadership in the connection economy from the Free State University and is currently completing his Masters in Business Administration.

Mr Mphumzi Booi


(021) 404 6700

Mr Mphumzi Booi has been involved with public and private institutions focused mainly on institutional and people capacity building over 13 years. Amongst some of his portfolios, he has been with South Cape TVET College for about 3 years as a Deputy Principal Corporate Services. He holds an MBL degree, Hons Degree Business Management, B Tech degree and Diploma in Human Resources Management. Mr Mphumzi Booi is the Deputy Principal: Corporate Services at the College of Cape Town.

Mr Martin Deon van Rooyen


(021) 404 6700

Mr Martin Deon van Rooyen is the replacement / interim Chief Financial Officer of the College of Cape Town for TVET. He pursued his career firstly in education and joint PWC to qualify as a Chartered Accountant. He left PWC to facilitate mayor clients of his including JSE Services.

Mr van Rooyen is a today Owner/Director of his Accounting/Consulting Firm, a Director of RBI Chartered Accounts Inc servicing the industry as Business Rescue Practioner, Advisor and Consultant to SAICA, IRBA and the Department of Higher Education. He was also part of the SAICA TVET Transformation Project as well as a Task Team Member at NSFAS.

The vast majority of his experience comes with more than 30 years of experience in the financial service, manufacturing and health industries as well as specialised consulting services to the education sector and its funding resources relating to turnaround strategies. He serves on many Audit & Risk Committees.

Mr van Rooyen is a devoted family man with 5 children as well as a keen sportsman including various special achievements.

Mr Nkanyiso Manqele


(021) 404 6700

Mr Nkanyiso Manqele is an experienced educator, with a professional career dating back to 1997 as a Mathematics and technical Drawing Teacher. He has been fortunate to have had exposure to both the Basic and Higher Education sectors, where he taught the most challenging and needed subjects to help develop and shape young pupil to venture into much needed critical careers (scarce skills).

In 2017 the Western Cape Department of Education appointed him as the  Mathematical Literacy Coordinator in the province (Western Cape). Mr Manqele has been with the institution since 2009 and is currently a Mathematics and Mathematics Literacy Education Specialist at the City Campus. He holds a Secondary Teacher’s Diploma, specializing in Mathematics and Technical Drawing, amongst other qualifications he has an Advanced Certificate in Education, B.Ed Honours Degree in Mathematics Education and is currently studying M.Ed Degree (Adult Learning and Global Change). He is the educator representative on the College Council.

Mr Lesego Banda


(021) 404 6700

Mr Lesego Banda is currently a student at the College of Cape Town doing his NCV Level 3 in Finance, Economics and Accounting at the Crawford campus. He is serving as an SRC President of the College of Cape Town. Mr Banda attended An-Nur Islamic Educational Centre where he studied Bukhari Duaat. He has worked in various companies and is also self-employed.