National Certificates N4-N6 (leads to diploma)

NATIONAL CERTIFICATES: N4-N6 Electrical Engineering

The National N-Diploma is a three year post-matric qualification consisting of a theoretical part (N4 – N6) and two years industry experience in the Electrical Engineering field. The N4 – N6 Certificate Programmes are post-matric National Certificates leading towards obtaining a National N-Diploma. Each certificate is a qualification on its own and is offered over a period of 3 months. These certificate programmes differ from the NC(V) course in that there is no practical component included in this course.


What do I need to have completed before I can apply to study this course?

  • To enter N4 – N3 Certificate or equivalent qualification
  • To enter N5 – N4 Certificate or equivalent qualification
  • To enter N6 – N5 Certificate or equivalent qualification

You must have passed the following subjects at school.

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Electrical Technology/Electrician’s Work
  • English


How long will it take to complete the qualification?

  • 12 weeks per certificate full-time
  • 2 years practical experience within industry in the Electrical Engineering field to apply for National N-Diploma
  • Enrolment in January, May or September
  • Part-time options are available 


Where can I study this course?

N4-N6 Electrical Engineering (Full-time, Part-time & Distance Learning) is only available at:


Mr Stanley Cupido (Programme Manager)
(T) : (021) 531 2105/6/7
(E) : sccupido@cct.edu.za


What will I be studying during this course?

  • The National N-Diploma consists of a 1 year theoretical component (N4 - N6) as well as an industrial practical component of 2 years.
  • 12 subjects from N4 – N6 make up the theoretical component

- Communication Electronics (Light Current) (only available through the Distance Learning option)
- Digital Electronics
- Electrotechnics (Heavy Current)
- Industrial Electronics
- Mathematics


What qualification will I obtain after completing the course?
  • You will obtain an N6 Certificate: Engineering Studies.




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