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GARDENS CAMPUS - Capacity & Background

The Gardens Campus is one of 8 campuses of the College of Cape Town. The campus has a rich history with its building being more than 100 years old. It’s age makes in a heritage site in the greater city bowl.
Gardens is an inner-city suburb of Cape Town located just to the south of the city centre located in the higher elevations of the “City Bowl” and directly beneath Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. It is an affluent neighbourhood populated mostly by young professionals and contains numerous chic restaurants, hotels, boutique shops and loft apartments. The suburb is also a hub for the Cape Town creative industry, hosting the home of at Longkloof Studios and contains many modelling agencies, production and publishing companies and associated industries. It is also home to the world-famous five-star Mount Nelson Hotel.
All of the campuses of the College of Cape Town are situated in the central area of the Peninsula, and serves the greater Cape Town area, including a large percentage of traditionally disadvantaged areas and townships.  The Gardens Campus formally housed our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Department and a Day Care Centre. With development of the Crawford Campus, the former moved into a brand new building located on the Crawford Campus. Gardens has been revamped and transformed into a Call Centre Academy and is well set to support the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector with the skills that it requires.


The Gardens Campus has been earmarked to be set up as Skills Training Centre, offering skills training primarily in the business processing operations (BPO) sector and 4IR skills training. The BPO Academy was launched in November 2020. In 2021 the College procured the services of a consultancy firm to assist the College in the setting up the facilities to meet the objectives that were set in 2020, which is a 3-year project, to be completed within 3 years. Phase 1 of the project has commenced and the academic planning is pivotal in this process. To this end an Academic Task Team has been established to provided inputs to the Technical Committee.

The Skills Training Centre will have two integrated components namely, skills training unit titled Call Centre Academy and business generation unit which will be managed by a Centre Manager.

The 2 components will find synergy with each other as the training unit will be the feeder of trained employees to the business generation unit. The business generation unit will provide a workspace for the application of the training and the accumulation of work experience for future employment.  

The BPO Centre endeavours to serve both the public and private sectors as an Academic Information hub, Financial Services support centre, IT Support and various other contact centre services in the 4IR ecosystem, not limited to voice.

The academic structure will lean towards a model that will be focus on skills training ensuring student success while ensuring sustainability, whereas the business generation unit will have as its objectives the establishment of a fully operational BPO Contact Centre. This is in line with the objective of the College of Cape Town to provide industry with a student that not only has the required qualification, but also work experience so often sought after in recruitment.

The experience gained in this partnership project will be replicated throughout the College of Cape Town through the efforts from the newly established Business Development Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit that is currently also operating from the Gardens Campus.


Business Process Outsourcing or BPO for short, is a business practice in which businesses outsource processes by sub-contracting different business operations to third-party service providers, most of which are call centres specialising in customer service management.Due to the number of job opportunities and investment potential this sector creates, the City identified the BPO sector as a priority sector. Notably, from the commencement of this financial year (July 2019) to date, the City has seen investments in this sector of approximately R954 million, which has resulted in 2 727 job opportunities. BPESA WC has also facilitated the training of 550 people through their skills development initiative. Currently, the BPO sector employs approximately 260 000 people nationally. This includes 60 000 people in the Western Cape alone.

The call centre sector, which contributes about R53bn annually to GDP and employs approximately 220,000 people is supported by Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPeSA), an association founded in 2002 to promote and develop the local IT-enabled services industry. Incorporated in the sector is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which involves relocating business processes that a company usually performs in-house such as customer-related business and administrative functions, to a third-party service provider such as a call centre. Outsourcing becomes off-shoring when the third-party service provider is located overseas

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