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Young Engineers Motor Development Programme


On 08 December 2019, the College of Cape Town's Athlone campus launched its first racing car at the Killarney International Raceway. The Car was modified and re-built by the College’s Automotive Motor Mechanics Learners, under the Young Engineers Motor Development Programme (YEMDP). The launch coincided with the Annual Killarney International Raceway Motor Show, there were more than 100 Exhibitors and Car enthusiasts showing off their vehicles.

The College of Cape Town’s Race Car stole the show and was the talk of the day. Moreover, SABC captured the big moment and published it all 16 SABC Radio Stations and the 3 SABC TV Channels, as well as all SABC digital platforms on the day of the launch.

To many, this was just a pipe dream, until MerSETA “the champion SETA” committed to funding the YEMDP. The project officially got off the ground early last year, 2019, in April.  Elbows were greased, and the team of apprentice started setting the wheels in motion. The team invested so much time and effort into constructing a racing car from scratch, using all the knowledge gained in the classroom and workshop. It was a busy and rewarding year for Senior lecturer Mr Mogotsi Reuben Mokotedi and learners who worked for hand in glove with other stakeholders that assisted them throughout the different phases of the exciting project.

This project aimed to create exposure and opportunities for learners to gain valuable experience in the motor racing sector, through the assembling of a GTI Challenge Club formula racing vehicle. The set-up of the race car is integrated theory to real formula racing vehicle, working and learning as part of a motor racing support and mechanical team. This initiative is also aimed at redirecting young people away from illegal street racing and introduce them to professional racing, in a controlled and safe environment.

The venture is educational at the core, as it allows the learners to practice their Engineering Theoretical Training, including Physics, Materials Science, Mathematics, Aerodynamics Computer Science and in particular, the Automotive Repair and Maintenance Training. One race car is the product of various scientific and engineering disciplines.

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